Sunrise and good vibes by the sea

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Did I already tell you that I am so lucky? Yes, lucky that I live in a wonderful city by the sea, which gives me exactly the things that I want for every person: the family near, calm, freedom, inspiration and relaxation.

I am the child of the sea, I told you about it in this article. I can never get bored of the sea. It's always the same and so different at the same time.

Sunrises by the sea could not be compared to others.

This weekend I had fun with my girlfriends (read "My girls squad" to find out more), and we decided to catch up the sunrise by the sea.

It was incredible, speechless. The sky was a masterpiece, it could say it was hand-painted by the most talented painter. The calm and inviting sea had us to have the view of it in all its glory. I am very grateful for this life and I thank every day for the moments I am blessed with.

My thanks go to my beloved photographer, Bogdan, who has the patience to shoot me and to capture my best. These pictures are #nofilter, because Mother Nature is sublime.

Love the nature as you love yourself!

#Respect #MotherNature