I gave up stress and preferred the sea

More than half of year since I came back home, in Constanta. I know that Bucharest represents everything, it’s the center of all important activities, especially for artists, but I’m in that period of life when I’m more selective and I choose to be closer to my family.

I returned to my hometown Constanta, the place where my music career started, the place where I produced, released the first songs and the place where the dearest persons of my life are.

Why I left Bucharest?

Because it gets suffocating me, there are so many events, and if you live in the capital, you have the idea that every little event is important and you have to go, to be always in the middle of the things, to be present.

Now, being in Constanta, I choose very carefully my next appearances, I’m more detached and more relaxed, definitely. And I love the sea, it offers me the peace that Bucharest doesn’t have.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bucharest, I came back every time my schedule requires it. I have good friends there, people with whom I collaborate, but I preferred Constanta for my inner peace and for my happiness.

Home Will Always Be Home!