Filter or no filter?

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As all of you, I love the applications and everything that means social media. And yes, I like to play the ape with all Snapchat filters.

Whether I'm a bunny or I'm putting on those cool glasses or I’m playing with voice change filters, it's sure I tried them all and I'm not bored yet.

It's cool to get out of the routine and to make yourself laugh :D You know what I'm sayin'.

When it’s about editing in the real sense of the word, I would have you know that I prefer to set my own filters, not to use the preset ones. I play with Instagram and VSCO filters, let me say it again, not with predefined ones, but to take each tool one by one and to adjust the light, contrast, saturation, highlights and everything that's there.

Just to know that most of the time I prefer simplicity, so many pictures are exactly like they are shot without a filter, but I have moments when I feel like a little photographer and I poke my nose into editing.

The idea is that I have pictures on Facebook and Instagram without a filter, but even with the filter.

Explore by your own, don’t take the easy way, find out what the apps offer, so you can create your own style, difficult to copy.

Let your creativity flow!

#BeDifferent #BeBold #BeYou