I celebrate Children's Day with my nephews

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Yaay it’s June 1, Children's Day in Romania and another 46 countries from the world, including Portugal, Poland, Vietnam, Tanzania and other ones.

Here's a picture of all the countries that celebrate this wonderful day on June 1st.

I was really curious about where this day is celebrated so I got to Wikipedia, our friend :D

Why is this day important to me?

Because I love the childhood, I live it again through my two nephews, Pavel and Sofi, who don’t let me forget not even for a moment that I'm still a child :)

I took them to a walk on the beach and we giggled, played, enjoyed the life without worries and trouble. They show me that the world is still good, that there is purity, we just have to look to the right place.

When I was a kid, I knew that it was going to be Children's Day with about two weeks before. Me and my sister, Andreea, we were waiting for the big day to come because our parents and grandparents usually granted our wishes. We knew that on June 1, wishes were granted, so our list was a long one, but we didn’t have any impossible requirements: a doll, something to wear, a walk, simple stuff.

I'm still a kid, I still have small joys, and the pure smile still lights my face. Be always children, don’t forget to see the world through the eyes of a child who doesn't worry about tomorrow.

Happy Children's Day :*:*:*