"Noi 2", first Romanian single released by Alexandra Stan

After many hits in English, Spanish and French, and an international career longer than 8 years, the time has come for Alexandra Stan to release her first song in Romanian - "Noi 2"("Us 2").

Although in the past she had collaborated with Trupa Zero for “Inima de gheaţă”, with Dorian for "Motive", and with Criss Blaziny she sang "Au gust zilele", she never released her own single in her native tongue.

For "Noi 2"("Us 2"), Alexandra Stan worked with Cristian Tarcea, from Constanta, Alex Parker, Laurentiu Popescu and Chriss JustUs.

"I am the child of the sea, I feed myself with sun rays, I love the energy of the water and I think this is what sea means: happiness, fun, the place where the stress disappears and the ideal place for the beginning of relationships, therefore my invitation: "Baby/ You would do me a favor / If you came to the sea", confesses Alexandra Stan.

Directed by Bogdan Păun from NGM Creative, the video features a squad of playful girls, with Alexandra Stan the captain of the squad.

"Noi 2"("Us 2") is the second single released this year by Alexandra Stan from since she founded Alexandra Stan Records, just one month after the release of “Boy Oh Boy”, a song with a video shot right in Kuala Lumpur.

Moreover, Alexandra Stan prepares the release of her first collection of clothes STAN by Alexandra Stan, which will be available on the site http://alexandrastan.com/.