Winter in Romania, mixed feelings

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Just a little bit more time and the snowdrops will appear. The biggest joy for me, as I said I love summer, perhaps because I was born in June. Snowdrops make me feel that is a little of time until the sun will warm up our bodies at the beach. Ohhhh….

Summer is my favorite season, for sure, but I can not be happy when it snows for the first time, when those big snowflakes fall down and melt on the nose and when I look around and I hear children's giggles when they play with the snow.

I also like that the photos taken in the winter are gorgeous, the clean white of the snow expresses embodied purity. But I hate when it gets dirty, it melts and the cars sprinkle you out, when it’s too cold and you shiver with cold. I am sure you agree with me :)

I keep being devoted to summer sun! And for making my longing for heat to go, I’m gone comfort me with a beach photo :D