What’s in my backpack?

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You know that I love backpacks and also that I released a model in my Alesta collection in Japan, together with Berksha.

So, like almost all the girls, I carry with me a lot of stuff when I go out, to be sure that I have everything I need.

But what’s in my day to day bag, well... backpack?

1. My phone – I’m a social media geek. I can’t live without my phone, I have to be always in touch with you, guys

2. My headphones – well, I can’t live without music either :)

3. My sunglasses - I have to admit that sometimes I have even two pairs in my backpack because I looove sunglasses (Shhh, I actually have a collection at home)

4. My vitamins – Yes, I have to be energized all the time

5. My wallet – Cards & money, because never know when I need to buy something. Just in case.

So what’s in your bag/backpack? :D