When artists have the same ideas. What to do?

For a couple of months, I have been in the studio, writing songs, composing, recording and keeping them hidden in my musical drawer.

I am in a period of time when creativity is my best friend, it "hits" me each and every day and I am glad to write down my thoughts and turn them into music. One of the composed songs is quite ‘90ish and the theme song is something like "eh mama, eh mama, eh". I wrote it a couple of months ago and it was a great surprise when Pitbull and J Balvin have released the song "Hey Ma". All in all, it’s bad and great at the same time.

Why is it that bad? Because if I release my song now, gossips will say that I copied Pitbull.

What's cool? That the ideas travel through the universe, they come to mind to many people, they necessarily want to emerge and materialize.

Anyway, once again it proves to me that we live in the age of speed and the person who moves faster and releases the idea in the world, becomes a trendsetter.

But I got tired to do everything quickly, to be daily on pressure. I wish I could continue to write in peace and not to fear that maybe someone had already the same idea of melodic line or chorus.

Now, what to do? Tell me how to make it never happen again that anyone to be one step ahead of me?