My crazy cat Herky has GPS

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I know it may sound weird, but my cat feels what I am thinking.

When I and Bogdan leave home, Herky the cat stays at Bogdan’s parents because they also have a cat, Pisa. They like to stay together, they play and they play “fighting”.

One evening we arrived late in Constanta and we didn’t pass to take him home, but my mind was still on him. What was Herky doing, I was missing him and so on.

Let’s make it clear, the distance between our home and the home of Bogdan’s parents is about 4 km.

We woke up in the morning, still thinking about Herky and suddenly I heard a meow in the building, from outside the apartment. We found it strange that the sound was coming right from our door. We said, "Oh, but this cat is so much like Herky’s voice". Bogdan, more curious by nature, decided to open the door to see how looks like our neighbor's cat. Guess what?! There was Herky, he came home on his own, he had left Bogdan's parents for three days.

We were astonished that he knew to get home, through the city, walking all night.

I’m more than sure that my feeling of missing him brought him home. Now I love him even more, Herky brings only joy into our live.

Just so you know he has his Instagram page, made by a fan of mine, so if you wanna be aware of Herky’s life of a wanderer, follow him here: Hercules.Stan :D

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