What sport means to me

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1. I know that appearance is very important for an artist. How much time do you reserve for toning or maintenance, in general?

I'd like to have a few hours a day, but that's not happening all the time. But I have different activities to take care of my body, for example walking, cycling, longboarding. There is no day without moving.

2. What kind of movement do you prefer? Going to the gym? Fitness or aerobic classes? What is your ritual?

I go to the gym about 3 times a week and there I "fight" with the exercise machines. Now it had become a habit to take my sports outfit with me, even though I'm going to perform to a concert, but most of the time, hotels in which I stay have a gym and I exploit this thing and keep my body in shape.

3. Have you always been such a friend to sports? How did things change from this point of view when you started playing in concerts, on stage?

Yes, I liked playing sports since childhood. From the simple running around the block to the ballet lessons, I was always very active.

4. I know that some time ago you moved to Los Angeles. What sports do you practice in LA?

I just made a subscription to a very nice gym and I go biking here very often. It is very beautiful. And I stay right next to Original Muscle Beach ☺

5. How does the sport make you feel?

Alive, free, lighter (spiritually speaking), it gives me energy and inspiration ☺

6. Have you practiced any sport in childhood or later, on a regular basis?

I did 4 years of ballet.

7. Do you see a connection between sports and music?

Sure, it's about dedication in both cases and right after you practice / create - in the case of music, you feel better.

8. Can you share with us 3 food habits that keep you in good spirits and healthy?

In the morning I drink water on the empty stomach, then eat fats and carbohydrates, like avocados, coconut butter, toasted bread in coconut butter, honey, chocolate, sometimes I get some sweets. But it's good to eat carbohydrates in the morning to have energy in the gym and to get your intake for the rest of the day.

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