What is your EVERYDAY beauty routine?

I Start by cleansing my skin in the morning, although it isn’t filled with makeup. Cleansing is sacred to me, both in the morning, and also in the night before going to bed. I hydrate my skin with coconut oil and I let my skin breathe, that is that in ordinary days without shootings, interviews or events, I don’t use makeup.

When did you feel the most beautiful?

Every moment. It's very important to be happy with yourself and to accept yourself as you are. If you trust yourself, this is what you will deliver to others.

Where you were gone most recent and what is the next destination?

Recently I was in Santorini, where I shot a video, and after that to India, where I had two concerts.

What is never missing from your hand luggage on the plane?

Headphones, laptop, a magazine and a book, especially for long flights.

A song that reflects your mood today?

Maxine Ashley – „6 Underground“.

To whom did you said the latest "I love you"?

To my lover, Bogdan.

Three make-up favorites?

Aqua Vitalumière Chanel foundation, Contour Cocoa Blush by Benefit, Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss.

Your favorite perfumes are ...?

Montale Aouda Sense - reminds me of Costa Rica. It is the perfume I bought at the airport in Madrid, on the way to Costa Rica. Never leave the house without ... Give an eye to the mirror to check the outfit :)). In fact, I have no choice, I have a large mirror right next to the door.

Your the maximum beauty pampering is ...

To go to sleep at 10 pm to and wake up at latest the 8 am. Actually, I don’t really get it in unless I have a few days off and I manage to adjust my sleep.

Regarding makeup, you would never wear ...

I quite have no limits to makeup. I like to try out. A revolutionary make-up product, personal care, is ... The essential oils serum, 100% natural, which I find in any natural remedies shop.

You get inspiration for choosing clothes from ...

I like fashion blogs, I watch the foreigner girls who revolutionized the fashion industry and have made to have their own collections. The Instagram is a reliable friend, there are all sorts of interesting accounts to follow, but I follow my instinct the most. As soon as you see something to wear, I already have in mind a few outfits with it.

You go often to shopping? Where do you use to do your shopping?

So-and-so. I go to malls, I also buy online, but especially accessories and footwear, you know clearly that you can’t fail with the size. I do not know exactly, but I think I get something new every week, even a bargain.

The latest item of clothing that you bought is ...

Lace tights! Oh, also a waterproof jacket from Bershka.

The most expensive item from your wardrobe is ...

A pair of designer leather boots. Although, I considered it an investment, never get old and I already have had them for a few years and it look like I bought yesterday.

You would never wear ...

Something that is fashionable but I don’t like at all.

Your favorite accessories are ...

Sunglasses and backpacks.

The next fashion item targeted is ...

A Vetements outfit.

The personality whose style you appreciate is ...

I really like Hailey Baldwin, she has a fresh style, young, super trendy and always with a twist. It seems she knows to mix pieces of designer items with common hoodies or very grave t-shirts.

It is something that you do not like about yourself?

No, I'm pleased with me and I wouldn’t change anything.

However, it happened to you to make fashion mistakes?

Yes, certainly. Especially early in my career, while I was defining my style.

Your plans for this winter are...

To shoot a few clips, new collaborations with artists less known in the mainstream, to run away a few days in a warm place, to stay longer with my family, to go to ski and to work on the new album.

Interview posted by www.unica.ro.