Q&A Boy Oh Boy

What`s the main message of the song?

Well, it’s like a dialogue between lovers. The girls desire to be more loved, they want to feel like princesses, so the guys need to give more attention, more affection, more “I love you” whispered in theirs ears.

What’s the meaning of this song for you?

A lot, actually. It’s my first single released with my new record label, Alexandra Stan Records. I’m very involved in the marketing and the PR campaigns. This song is very important to me and I worked as much as my team. We are a few people that came along very well.

To whom is this song dedicated?

To all my fans, who were very eager for the release of a new song, to all the people that love and love to be loved, to everybody who wants to dance and to let loose.

Why Kuala Lumpur for the video?

Because this city is amazing, it’s like a tropical Asia blended with urban Asia or… Tokyo meets New York and Bali. You have it all there. Skyscrapers, the culture mix, with many Indians, Arabs, Chinese, two old centers: Little India and Chinatown, where you find food, clothes, and you get everything at low prices. I love it!

What’s next?

You should read my website to find out more. I’m also very active on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. I’m gonna do a lot of lives on social media platforms and also some live sessions for my YouTube channel. Stay close! :)

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