Alexandra celebrated the success of "Ecoute" by launching a new video - "Boom Pow"! Strong related to her homeland, Alexandra Stan shows once again that she doesn’t forget from where she comes, releasing the video for the song "Boom Pow", filmed in various places in Constanta, and in front of the building in which she lives.

The video comes as a reward for supporting of Alexandra Stan’s fans, who have made tens of millions of views for the video "Ecoute".

"I love summer and water, I am the child of the sea! I had wanted for a long a "Hometown Video" and the lyrics of "Boom Pow" fit perfectly with Constanta’s mood, which I adore. The entire "Alesta" album is like an energizer and "Boom Pow" is certainly the invitation to dance to a good mood", says Alexandra Stan about her new single.

Following the model "I did it, Mama" video, where Alexandra Stan is surrounded by over 30 men, in the "Boom Pow" the beautiful singer has also around her male admirers.