5 things that I love & 5 things that I don’t like

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I believe that in life is more about choosing and preferences. I chose to be a singer, to be vegetarian, to be in love with life, to be devoted to my fans and so on.

And at the same time, I prefer to not forget my beginnings, to be grateful, to be patient and so happy about everything that I have.

I started to write about this because the Spy magazine challenged me to choose only 5 things that I love and only 5 things that I don’t like. Sooooo haaard!

I had so many in my mind, but I had to conform myself to these rules.

Here they are.

I love:

· The sea

· Happy people

· Pink clothes

· The animals

· Good music

I don’t like:

· Snakes (sooo scared of them)

· Liars

· Clothes made of leather

· The people that don’t love kids

· The alcohol and the cigarettes

That’s me. I have preferences and I’m not afraid to speak them out loud.

Be yourself! #always