5 reasons I laugh today

I remember that when I was a child my grandma used to say to me that “the laughter makes you fat”, but it is healthy as well.

Oh, yes, laughter relaxes you, stimulates your heart muscles, relieves stress, makes you more optimistic and helps you to have a balanced emotional life.

What could I say? I love laughing so, so much! :D Each day I enjoy every little thing that stirs in me happiness and laughter. But today laughing came even harder :D

1. Herky, my cat, got crazy and he acts like a fool when I don’t give him attention. Today he put into action all his charm only just to make me play with him. He conquered me!

2. I remembered something and I laugh. Shhht!

3. I read the comment on Instagram :D I’ ve got proposed at least 5 times.

4. I played with my nephews, who, with no intention, always make me laugh so easy.

5. I found a funny video on the internet, which obviously makes you laugh :)) Actually, it made me laugh and an entire wagon of people :D If you didn’t laugh today, press play :)