Photo gallery

1. What is the dish that reminds you of childhood?

Onion stew with polenta.

2. What would you eat each and you would never get tired of?

Ohhh :)) Chocolate or sweets!

3. What is the food that you hate the most?

I don’t have a food that I hate…

4. Where did you eat the best dish ever?

In India! They have a lot of sorts of fish with curry-based sauce, very, very good.

5. What is the recipe with which you lay back anyone, anytime?
Hm ... It’s a dish called “bulz” with polenta and 3 kinds of cheese and leek. And I also do buckwheat with vegetables and tomato sauce from Mom! Yummmy! To not forget about stuffed bream or Shrimp on Rosemary Skewers and beet salad with carrot and green olives ... I unleashed :)))

6. What is the best cooking tip you’ve ever received?

To boil the potatoes than before getting them in the oven. Buuuuut actually, the best tip is to clean up immediately after using a pan or a bowl, to always have all clean :)))

7. What's the biggest blunder you made it in the kitchen?

I set the towel on fire, I melted a bowl after I put it right next to the flame :))). Basics.

8. What wouldn’t you eat not even for a bag of money?
Bizarre Foods ... dogs, rats, thing like these ... Brrrr ....

9. What is your favorite drink?

In general, I prefer water instead of any kind of juice. Otherwise, a quality red wine is ideal for a chat with friends...

10. What is your favorite cookie?

My grandma’s brownie. And raw vegan cakes made by Elena, a friend of mine from "Camara cu merinde".