What`s the main message of the song?

The main message: I love it when you call me mami. It’s obvious! I love it when you see me that way, when you want me caliente!

What’s the meaning of this song for you?

I’m in my full maturity as a woman, I like everything that means feminity and I find myself taking care of all the lost boys who need love and attention. So, yes, I’m a #MAMI.

To whom is this song dedicated?

To all the amazing women who are strong and powerful, who don’t forget to love themselves and to love the others. To all the men who respect women in general, and of course to my crazy beautiful fans, no age restriction.

Why you chose Mexico as an inspiration?

Well, when I say #MAMI, my first thought is about a Latin woman. I wanted something colorful, caliente and I have to be honest that I really like Mexican food.

What’s next?

Now I’m happy that I finished my album “MAMI”, who is going to be released in Japan first and afterward internationally. I have new beautiful songs, who are ready to come to your houses, phones and to be on your playlists.

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