Throwback to my awesome Neversea outfits – which one is your favorite?

Photo gallery

In the past article I told you about my experience on the Neversea stage, and now I want to show you my festival outfits.

1. Day 1

On the first day, I had the pleasure of being on stage with Manuel Riva to perform Neversea anthem, so I mixed my festival look with my stage look because I didn’t want to change and to lose time from the fun. Polka dots on my red and black jumpsuit, with tiny sunglasses and a cool hat. That was it, and I felt so good!

Jumpsuit: Seen users

Styling: Anca Staruiala

Makeup: Alexandra Craescu

Hair: George Negrisan

2. Day 2

After some red and black, I wanted to wear to wear something even more colorful, so my yellow bright jumpsuit was picture perfect. Of course, the accessories matter a lot, and I opted for a purple visor, completed with a bumbag. The bumbag became like a must have in the festival because it’s very comfortable.

Jumpsuit: Claudia Iosif

Styling: Anca Staruiala

3. Day 3

What would be a festival without a pink touch? Of course, I got myself something pink and fluffy, the Flamingo dress. Even if it seems like an elegant dress, wore with sneakers and heart-shaped sunglasses, boom, it became an Instagrammable festival look.

Dress: Omra Design

Styling: Anca Staruiala

4. Day 4

It rained so I chose a blue vintage raincoat, but you can always accessorize your outfit. I loved to create a look from my wardrobe because it will be a lie to say that I don’t have enough clothes. But we are women, right? Well, I have to admit that I had a lot of moments when I said that “I don’t have anything to wear.” Pink, blue, shorts, and bumbag. Easy-peasy.

Which one is your favorite? Mine? I can’t decide cause I love em all! And myself!

Peace! Love ya! ❤