"MAMI," Alexandra Stan's fourth album, released first in Japan

"Saxobeats" is the name of her debut album, it was followed by "Unlocked", she continued with "Alesta", and now, Alexandra Stan is releasing the fourth album named "MAMI", only in Japan for the moment.

The title is not chosen accidentally but it celebrates the Latin, loving woman, the mother of "all lost boys", the woman who always thinks about the happiness of others, but at the same time doesn't forget to be careful with herself, to love her and to be the "caliente" lover / wife that any man wants.

Alexandra Stan has reached the maturity thus "MAMI" represents herself, both professionally and personally, as she says:

"Each album suggests a stage in my life as a woman. With "Saxobeats" I showed my rebel side, typical for adolescents who are going toward maturity, with "Unlocked" I rediscovered and reopened in front of the public through the lyrics of the songs, with "Alesta" I wanted to give my fans songs on which they can have fun, and at the age of 28, I can say I feel the most female so far, so this album is called "MAMI". I know me, I know who I am, what I want and where I go".

For the fourth album in her career, which includes the already released singles "Boy Oh Boy", "Noi 2" and “Mami”, the artist worked with producers from Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, USA and Romania, and most of the songs are written by her. Moreover, considering that the album will be released on the first phase in Japan only, the song "Favorite Game", which is the main soundtrack for the Japanese film "Miko Chaken", will also be included.

After promoting the album "MAMI" in Japan, Alexandra will prepare the international album release for all her worldwide fans.

Click for "MAMI" album on iTunes here.