Hmm, pro or anti Valentine’s Day?

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I don’t know how to say it but I love to love. Actually, I even believe that love loves me too!

I love, I feel loved, I offer love through my music, I don’t think that love needs a special day to be celebrated, it should be lived day by day, at its maximum intensity, felt with every inch of us.

If Valentine’s Day is the moment for the lovers to be more careful with theirs half and to surprise her boyfriend/his girlfriend with all sorts of gifts, then I would vote for more days like this.

Let it be Valentine’s Day, let it be Dragobete, let’s borrow even “Dia dos Namorados” from Brazilians, let’s take the Spanish Saint Jordy’s Day and to invent some more. You’ve got the idea! ☺️

Love u, guyz! ♥️