When I was little, I held concerts and I offered salami as a snack

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You know that when you are a child, everybody asks the same question: what do you want to become when you will grow up?

Well, I repeated the same answer over and over again: I want to be a singer. I always knew that this is my destiny. Moreover, I started from an early age to hold concerts.

Me and my best friend Andra, who is by my side like forever, we made a girl band. I don’t know if we had a name, maybe “Alex & Andra”. And we held concerts in front of my building.

We ask our neighbors to give us money and instead, we offered them salami as a snack. We composed all the lyrics and the “ghetto” was our muse. Bad girls!

Hmm, how it will be to reinterpret the lyrics now? That’s a good idea :D Stay tuned!