Interview for my fanbase in Brazil

1. Have you already sang in Spanish, Romanian, Italian, French and English in your songs ... Will your new album include any other language? (Maybe Portuguese?)

Wow, it would be nice to sing in Portuguese, I actually remember that I saw the tv series “O clone” and I really liked the sound of this language. And I did a cover for “Strong Enough” by Cher in Catalana, translated “Soc forta”. Maybe it’s time to sing in Portuguese, Japanese, I love challenges.

2. A Brazilian artist that you would like to collaborate with?

Well, I really like Anitta. She’s cool & very sexy.

3. Do you have any ritual before taking the stage?

Yes, I have to be very relaxed, I joke a lot with my dancers and I do vocalise exercises.

4. Have you ever been nervous about meeting an idol? If yes, who?

At the Neversea Festival in Constanta I met Olly from Years & Years and I cried.

5. Six years ago you were in the top 30 of the Billboard's Hot 100 with "Mr. Saxobeat", how was it for you?

A success, of course. I’m still grateful for this because “Mr. Saxobeat” was my way of getting to you, my worldwide fans, so I’m happy for everything.

6. In your workout, what song can not miss?

Zedd – Clarity :D

7. What music are you most listening to these days?

I'm into Latin music a lot these days. I listen to J. Balvin, Camilla Cabello, Anitta, a lot of dance, I like Alex Mills very much!

8. When can we expect you in Brazil? We are waiting for you.

I would come tomorrow if it was only my decision, but you know that depends on my schedule, my bookings etc. I hope that soon, I’m eager to meet you.

9. What are your expectations for the new era? We are very excited about everything we receive.

I like to challenge myself, so I’m happy with where I’m right now, but also I’m still learning to become my better self. Now I’m in Los Angeles, I will start working with new producers, international singers, keep in touch with my social media accounts to find out more.

10. Will AS4 be released in 2017?

Hmm, not in 2017, but soon. I already have some new songs, but I want to surprise you with something different.

11. Are you planning to record more ballads? (Like "Thanks For Leaving") Can we expect any on AS4?

Why not? Maybe some pop ballads, with a touch of reggae, or Balcanic sounds.

12. The Brazilian LGBTQ's public is going through a difficult phase ... Brazilian justice has decided to consider Homosexuality as "disorder" for the purpose of exterminating it with psychologists and torture (It sounds like a joke, but it's not). Have you read/heard anything about it? What do you think about this?

So sad that some people don’t understand that we are different, we are unique, we need love in the world, not hate and discourage.I think that it is everyone's choice to do whatever they like to feel better about themselves and it is such a shame that some people who "rule" a country or even the world don't even have the judgment to understand that every single living creature on this Earth has its own free will! I believe we are living in a Transition Era, and soon #LOVE will win! And I am also 100% certain that is our responsibility to make our life better!

You know what they say: Change comes from us!

13. Well, thank you so much for your time and your answers. Thank you so much for being this incredible and loving artist, I wish you every success. We love you.

I love you, too, a lot. Your love is priceless and so important to me, you made me stronger. Much love to you.